IT Consultancy

At OA&K IT Solutions we do more than just fix problems; we provide advice and recommendations that will enable IT to contribute more to your business.

Our consultancy is not about selling you more equipment it is about discussing your requirements and advising you on the best way to progress.

It may be that you wish to carry out a thorough review of your IT installations but need technical input, or simply require advice on various levels. You may realise that your installation is in need of upgrading but sensibly you do not wish to just replace like with like without considering other areas of higher efficiency.  The fast pace of innovation in IT is bringing solutions, never before available, to the customer at prices which will realise savings as well as providing major efficiencies and improvements.

At OA&K IT Solutions firstly we work from your perspective: we will need to ask about your business needs as we will not try to give you a solution without understanding your needs. It is vitally important that we understand how you use your system and the regular problems that you encounter. Once we understand your requirements we are able to supply you with a detailed proposal, covering exact charges, and recommendations for improving the system.

Our business is not about one size fits all. Our clients are all unique and have their own individual requirements. We always respect that.

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